Robert Redoak

Amerindian, early 20s


Robert is a little over 6’ and weighs in around 215 lbs. He has a blocky muscular build. It would be unfair to call Robert cumsy, but he is not very graceful. He generally wears his hair medium length and tied back in a short ponytail. His hair is jet black and eyes are dark brown.


By all accounts, Rob should have gone through an early First Change. At key points in his life, he managed to maintain composure and resist. Meanwhile, the Rage built up. Robert has an extensive history of disciplinary problems in middle and high school. He was angry at everyone and everything all through his teen years, but despised bullies and authority.

Now, he feels like he’s come home. The First Change in LA was a blessing, and Robert is sooo glad to finally know who and what he is.

Robert Redoak

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